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Legal Market Day 2021

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Conference for lawyers who want to create and develop modern law firms. March 11-12, 2021, ONLINE

LEGAL MARKET DAY 2021 is the eighth edition of the leading conference for lawyers in the CEE region" - this year in the online formula. It will last two days.

We invite participants from all over the world. This is a unique opportunity to expand your marketing and sales knowledge and listen to technology specialists. Every year, lawyers, tax advisors, legal marketing and business development specialists participate at LEGAL MARKET DAY.

What awaits the participants of the LEGAL MARKET DAY 2021?

●  Lectures on four lead topics: marketing, technology, management and finance, and in-house/companies.

●  Keynote speakers and the best specialists from the legal, marketing, and business sectors.

●  Practical workshops online, which help lawyers to implement marketing and technological solutions.

●  Lectures on individual thematic paths take place at the same time. Participants can choose which speeches they want to attend and which they prefer to skip.

LMD2021 participants can decide how much they want to get involved in the conference. They can choose to participate in lectures during both days of the conference and additionally in selected workshops.

Who will perform at LEGAL MARKET DAY 2021?

During LEGAL MARKET DAY 2021, Polish and foreign experts will present their knowledge during 20-minute TEDx-style speeches. Therefore, every lawyer will find an interesting area, regardless of the size of the law firm.

The list of speakers of LEGAL MARKET DAY 2021 include:

●  Mary Shen O’Carroll (Google)

●  Jacek Santorski (Akademia Psychologii Przywództwa)

●  Per Magnusson (Magnusson Minds),

●  Zuzanna Skalska (360Inspiration / FutureS Thinking Group)

●  Tomasz Piekot (Logios)

●  Agnieszka Kranz (Polkomtel)

●  Marcin Maruta (Maruta Wachta)


●  Maciej Kawecki (WSB / Fundacja Lema)

●  Rich Dibbins (Staxton Digital)

●  Holger Zscheyge (European Legal Tech Association)

●  Kamil Kozieł (PrezART)

●  Orsolya Szabó (InvestCEE)

●  Katarzyna Łodygowska (MatkaPrawnik.pl)

●  Adam Strażecki (Strażeccy, Jaliński i Wspólnicy)

●  Mariusz Kowalski (Waterwalk Partners)

●  Łukasz Walewski (WalewskiPR)


●  Małgorzata Kurowska (Maruta Wachta).

Why you need to be at LEGAL MARKET DAY 2021 if ...: You manage a law firm?

●  you will learn about the trends that will meet every legal business in the times of VUCA

●  you will learn how to create and develop a law firm in the New Normality era – from a man who developed a legal business to a 250-person team, and now helps lawyers in Europe and the USA 

●  you will understand better how to live in harmony with the competition and why it is always not worth looking at the others

●  you will see how to develop a law firm in a start-up model You deal with marketing and sales in a law firm?

●  you will see how you can develop a thriving legal business thanks to Instagram

●  you will learn why customers make certain decisions

●  you will learn how to choose and present what you have to offer to clients

●  you will rethink communication with customers and understand that it may be your big advantage

You think that technology in the law office is as important as the legal regulations?

●  you will learn how to prepare and carry out the digitization process based on experiences of our speaker from Polkomtel S.A.

●  you will find out if it is possible to secure the office’s data so that they are safe like in a bank

●  you will meet the opportunities and threats resulting from the use of technology in the office

You want to set up a law firm or change the operating model? 

●  you will learn how to treat a law firm like a startup and how to organize your work

●  you will learn how the consulting-based business model works

●  you will know how you can show your offer to clients 

●  you will meet practical tips on ensuring digital security in the office

You work in a law firm?

●  you will discover what law firms will look like in the future

●  you will open your eyes that the law firm may operate differently than what you see daily

●  you will see in which direction it is worth developing your career.

If you want to gain the competencies necessary to compete in the modern legal market - LEGAL MARKET DAY 2021 is a conference for you.

Event details and registration options you will find on our website. www.LegalMarketDay.com


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