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Until 2014, less than 10 percent of the largest companies in the European Union regularly disclosed non-financial information about their operations as part of reports that supplement annual financial consolidated reports. Although they were obliged to do so by the then-current Directive of the European Union, the requirements of the existing legislation proved to need to be more transparent and more effective.

The announced amendments to the Law on Foreigners and the Law on the Employment of Foreigners contain significant novelties. The most important changes relate to the simplified and digitized procedure for obtaining a residence and work permit for foreigners, new categories of foreigners who will be able to work and/or establish employment only based on residence permit, as well as the extended period of validity of permits.

The history of artificial intelligence can be traced back to the 1950s, when researchers and computer scientists first explored the possibility of creating machines which could accomplish tasks typically performed by humans. Since then, AI has undergone several significant phases of development, each of which has been marked by essential landmarks and milestones. In 1997, IBM’s Deep Blue computer famously defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov. In recent years, AI has seen the development of deep learning and neural networks capable of processing large amounts of data and making complex predictions.

When calculating the cost of running a business, companies typically tend to analyze factors such as labor cost, operating expenses, marketing and advertising, inventory, insurance, and taxes. Only, what happens when unexpected costs occur, such as a security data breach exposing the customers’ personal data to unauthorized parties? And is it still reasonable to consider such costs as unexpected?

Pursuant to the provisions of the Labor Law (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia no. 24/2005, 61/2005, 54/2009, 32/2013, 75/2014, 13/2017 – decision of the US, 113/2017 and 95/2018 – authentic interpretation) (“the Law”), by an employment contract the employer and the employee may establish the probation period for performance of one or more related jobs specified in that contract.

After the publication of the draft of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction, a series of public hearings on the proposed draft law was held in February 2023, and now we are waiting for the final wording of the proposal of the amendments and the lawmaker’s response to the of proposals and objections raised during the public hearings.
The draft envisages numerous amendments to the law, the most striking of which is the amendment related to the conversion of the right of use on construction land into the right of ownership (conversion).

Schoenherr has advised Robert Bosch Investment Nederland on its acquisition of a minority stake in Hungarian thermo-technology company Kazantrade and the related asset deal that saw RBIN sell its Serbian thermo-technology business to Kazantrade's Serbian subsidiary. Sole practitioner Zsolt Simanyi reportedly advised the Hungarian seller and target company.

On the occasion of International Data Privacy Day (January 28), as in previous years, the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection (“the Commissioner”) issued a publication “Personal Data Protection: Stances, Opinions and Practice of the Commissioner”. 

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