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SEE Legal Group Establishes Employment and Immigration and Intellectual Property Practice Groups

SEE Legal Group Establishes Employment and Immigration and Intellectual Property Practice Groups

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The SEE Legal law firm alliance has announced the formal launch of two new practice groups, one dedicated to Employment and Immigration, headed by Kolcuoglu Demirkan Kocakli Counsel Maral Minasyan, and one dedicated to Intellectual Property, headed by Selih & Partnerji Partner Natasa Pipan Nahtigal.

Regarding the Employment and Immigration practice group, SEE Legal reports that its member firms "have a proven ability to handle high-profile cases on a national and international level, providing legal assistance in relation to individual and collective labor contracts, internal regulations and policies, confidentiality, restrictive covenants and non-compete agreements, management contracts, stock option plans, H&S rules and regulations, and DP issues that arise in an employment context." According to SEE Legal, the alliances clients "rely on its lawyers to help them attract and retain top local and international personnel through employment arrangements that comply with regional requirements."

According to new practice head Maral Minasyan, “I am proud to be chosen as coordinator of the SEE Legal’s Employment and Immigration practice area. I will be the main regional contact for all aspects of the SEE Legal clients’ employment and immigration related legal matters. As a part of the strong SEE Legal team, I look forward to continuing to create value for the group’s clients.”

Regarding the Intellectual Property group, SEE Legal reports that "based on the 53 IP lawyers spread over the 17 offices of the Group, and working together for over 17 years, SEE Legal offers an integrated IP-related service." According to the alliance, "since 2015, the SEE Legal IP Practice Group members [have as a group jointly attended] the Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association. As part of its attendance, the IP Practice Group has organized various activities, including hosting meetings with representatives of national and international law firms that carry substantial weight in the IP world, meeting current and prospective international clients and providing them with SEE Legal value-added materials.

“I am honored to have been offered the position of Head of the SEE Legal IP Practice Group," commented Natasa Pipan Nahtigal. "I will be happy to coordinate our group of very established IP practitioners at a time when some of the fundamental IP principles are becoming so controversial and at the same time crucially important." In certain of our countries, compulsory licensing is being explored as a tool for combatting the current pandemic, and in others, we are following developments concerning the Unified Patent Court. We are investigating the patentability of computer-implemented solutions, questioning ourselves about the correct scope of trademark specifications and debating the EUIPO ruling against Banksy. These are just some of the very intriguing issues that I look forward to exploring with my SEE Legal colleagues to the benefit of our existing and new clients.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina Knowledge Partner

Maric & Co Law Firm stands on the shoulders of more than 70 years of experience and practice in the legal market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Having in mind that it is difficult to find a small country with such a complicated political and legal system, we are fully aware that quality advice requires deep understanding of different areas of law. In a country where legislation is created on state, entity and cantonal levels, without proper harmonization, and where the same regulation can be applied differently by two different courts, only domestic lawyers who are well-versed in local regulations and court practices, and who are highly specialized in their practice area, may actually help their client.

With this understanding, today, the firm Maric and Co is the largest law office in the country dealing exclusively with business law. This means that we provide wide expertise in resolving all issues that domestic and international investors encounter when setting up and operating businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The scope of the office allows each of our attorneys to highly specialize in their fields, whilst the size of our team ensures delivery of premium advice and seamless service. Our firm seeks long-term partnerships with clients with the aim of providing the best and most complete solution to the client's legal needs. We are proud to say that our clients do not leave us.

We apply the same principles to our international affairs, aware of the fact that no foreign lawyer can have the same understanding of legal regulations of a country as a domestic lawyer. Therefore, our philosophy is not to open branches in countries where our clients do business, but to closely connect with top tier lawyers in those countries. Our law firm is one of the founding members of SEE Legal – a group of ten leading national law firms from 12 South East European countries. This network enables us to provide the best advice and representation in these countries. Additionally, as a result of our strong relationship with the majority of global law firms, we are able to provide law services anywhere in the world.

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