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Belarusian Market Maker Liliya Vlasova Arrested and Held by State Authorities

Belarusian Market Maker Liliya Vlasova Arrested and Held by State Authorities

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Belarus's Vlasova Mikhel & Partners is reporting that, on August 31, the Financial Investigations Department of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus arrested prominent Belarusian attorney and firm Founding Partner Liliya Vlasova.

According to VMP, on August 19, Vlasova, who played a critical role in creating Belarus's post-communist legal market (and was identified by CEE Legal Matters as the exclusive "Market Maker" for Belarus in June, 2017), "was elected as a member of the Presidium of the Coordinating Council - a representative body created by the Belarusian public following the results of voting at the elections of the President of the Republic of Belarus on August 9, 2020."

According to the firm, "Liliya Vlasova’s contribution to creation of the rule of law, legal culture and respect to the law in our country may hardly be overestimated. Over the years of her professional career as a lawyer and as a mediator Liliya Vlasova has been an example of professionalism and integrity. That is why her detention came as a shock not only to her colleagues, close associates and friends, but also to the entire legal community."

"We are not aware of any details of the alleged economic violations that are being imposed on Liliya Vlasova," the firm's report continued. "But we strongly believe that her personal features and her professional competences both as a lawyer and as a mediator allow for a dialogue and eliminate the need for her pre-trial detention."

Finally, the firm announced, "We - colleagues, friends, relatives, clients and simply concerned individuals - express our sincere human support to Liliya Vlasova. We appeal to those who are entrusted with decision-making authority to take all steps towards Liliya Vlasova's release from custody."

The firm's announcement concludes with a petition it is asking others to sign to express their objection and demand Vlasova's release. More details can be found on the firm's website.

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