Enactment of New Law on Personal Data Protection is Coming Closer

Enactment of New Law on Personal Data Protection is Coming Closer

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Serbian Government took a significant step towards harmonization of data protection regulations with GDPR. On September 24, the Government adopted a Bill on Personal Data Protection (“the Bill”) . Only a day after, the Bill was sent to the National Parliament to be adopted at first regular session in autumn starting from October 2018.

Although the Bill was estimated by the Commissioner for Protection of Public Information and some experts as a robust and inapplicable document, the Bill represents a significant step forward in promotion of European values in Serbia. The Bill contains all relevant provisions and legal institutes as in GDPR and therefore may be a solid basis for achievement two main goals: i) improved protection of privacy rights in Serbia; ii) smooth flows of personal data between Serbia and Europe and the rest of the world. 

The substance of the Bill is that Serbian and foreign residents will have to apply the same institutes as residents of the European Union.  The Bill leaves Serbian and foreign residents (companies) nine months for compliance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data, (“the New Law”).

By Ivan Milosevic, Partner JPM Jankovic Popovic Mitic